How does copyright work and why does music need to be licensed? How can I get my song into adverts, films or video games? How can I earn money with the usage rights to my songs if I’m an independent artist and don’t want to join a big label? And how can I license music for my YouTube Video, so I won’t be sent a takedown notice?

Even though the advertising and film industry spends over 2.5 billion dollars every year for music, most people don’t really understand the basics of this market (neither did we before we actually started to look into it, and it took us two years to come up with a clever solution). That’s why the largest part of that money always goes into to the pockets of the same few leading labels.

We want to change this with our new platform, which allows you to license your music to filmmakers, advertisers, or directly to your fans so they can make some sweet YouTube videos. You don’t need a lawyer or any legal knowledge - it’s not rocket science, it’s just music licensing:

It’s so easy:

There are many advantages

Our goals are humble. All we want to do is open up and democratize one of the largest sources of revenue in the music business, and lay the foundation for a fair and modern copyright system. We think that an open exchange of ideas should be the norm so that independent artist and labels can really profit from their work and continue to contribute to a diverse music culture. And once we’ve achieved all that, we would really like a cup of tea.

Please help us spread this idea by sharing the videos, making your music available to licensees or using to buy music licenses for your projects.