Living in Switzerland? Invest in the Future of Music Licensing

As's sister is heading into the final stage of the Swiss ICT Award Contest, it is becoming clear that it’s revolutionary take on the music licensing process has the potential to change the music licensing world. Backed by board member Joi Ito, Chairman of Creative Commons and also Board Member of the Mozilla Foundation, is looking into a bright future.

Now, if you’re living in Switzerland, your time has come to invest in the future of music licensing: You can either vote for at the Swiss ICT Public Award 2013, or invest actual money in on Or even both? Either way, it will be surely worth your while: With an investment on, you’ll be profiting every time will grow and innovate, and, trust us: there’s a lot for to grow on and innovate in a market that is expected to grow to 5.5 Billion Dollars by 2015. With a click to vote to be the winner of the Swiss ICT Public Award 2013, you’ll have to chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in the Future of Music Licensing Now!

Invest a click at the Swiss ICT Public Award 2013

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Help Gossip to find their support act


Gossips shows are legendary. Even an army of securities couldn’t stop the audience to crowd surf. Brace Paine’s mean guitar lines, the catching beat and of course the presence of Beth Ditto made this band big. Who doesn’t want to play as a support act for a band like this? Who doesn’t want to catch the chance to play in front of 5’000 people?

Nearly 150 bands wanted to. There have been so many good acts that it must have been fun for to listen to but pretty hard to decide. Now the 5 finalists are chosen and Gossip has to decide from whom they want to be supported. What do you think, who will win? Who do you like best? Help Gossip to find their support act, go to our Facebook page and give your favorite bands a like or comment your opinions.

Have fun!

HUCK FINN thinks Huck Finn from Lucerne is one of the best Swiss indie acts in the last years. Good enough for Gossip? Share your thoughts!


True story? They met each other, fell in love, founded a band, married and got her first kid on the same day that their CD was cut and now play as a support act for Gossip. Share your thoughts!


The indie electro band from Geneva played over 110 concerts in the past three years, for example with Ghinzu, Texas and Digitalism. Share your thoughts!


Josef of the Fountain plays indie rock with a british touch and have been on the stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Paleo Festival. Share your thoughts! 


John Caroline seems to be predestined for the St. Jakobshalle, as calls them “finest Swiss stadium rock” Share your thoughts!


Gossip choosed Lapcat as their support act. Have fun on stage!